Own Goals

Welcome to 2019 – an opportunity to change the way things happen compared to the year gone by. Have you made any resolutions or goals for the new year? You have? Well keep them to yourself. Not that we aren’t interested, but because this could very well lead to you duffing it entirely. And, while aspirational goals are great for OKRs, this time you might actually want to get there, so think about setting implementation goals instead.

I’m not going to say anything about my own resolutions, however, in an unrelated event I actually finished a mini project. It’s a Naturewatch camera kit that appeared in my Christmas stocking. It goes into real-world deployment tomorrow.

Instructions to make are all available at Naturewatch. If you’ve handled any Pi / Arduino projects before it’s super simple to construct, and even if you have not, the instructions are presented really well.

Update – here’s some of the results!