Service Pattern Approach to SOA

I just read Beth Gold-Bernstein's blog entry entitled Categorizing Web Services in which she proposes the development of Service Patterns to provide a recipe-style approach to SOA development. I would certainly recommend to her that she visit the Enterprise Integration Patterns, get the book and read it cover to cover. There's enough patterns in there to be going on with - the book is quite information-dense, but if you go to the website there is a breakout of each of the patterns.

Beth also states that these patterns should be embodied in tModels for storage in UDDI registry. I can only attribute the continued existence of UDDI to some kind of dancing bear syndrome - while I don't agree with everything that Peter Lacey says in his criticism of web services, I think he is spot on with the UDDI comments. Rather than continuing to lipstick this pig, I think that it's time the industry looked at a SOA-coherent and standardized repository API. Not something that is infinitely flexible or can be repurposed to anything (an ex-colleague of mine used the public UDDI servers to store his bookmarks), but something that has Services, Intermediaries, Policies and the like as first-class items and allows them to be tagged, typed and corralled into workflows. Then the patterns would make more sense.