EclipseCon Day 0

Sunday is Day Zero of EclipseCon - traditionally a day for some introductory meetings and beers with people that you might not have seen, well, since the last Eclipse conference meeting.

DSC00017.jpg Would you buy a Maven support license from this man?

Phil Dodds, of Simula Labs and Kepler, in reflective form while waiting for the next mojito to arrive. I bet he's thinking about money.

EclipseCon is also a time to meet new people that you've only ever written emails to, or seen on dev lists and newsgroups.

Adrian Mos, from the ObjectWeb Team at INRIA, enjoying beer the quality of which cannot be easily obtained in Grenoble. Adrian is a JBI stalwart, and has been working with guys that created Cimero and ServiceMix to advance the state of the art in JBI tooling for Eclipse, and bring it to a home in the SOA Tools Project.

This photo has been shamelessly plagiarized from Ed Merks' blog, so he gets a link. Thanks, Ed!

Next up is Day One - tutorials - and as usual there's great stuff on offer. STP's own Antoine Toulmé is doing a two-hour tutorial on our BPMN Modeler, which has attracted a lot of interest. I'm taking the opportunity to learn more about the Eclipse Debug Framework, and later on in the day, looking at how to extend the XML editors that are in WTP. At the end of the day, I'm closing up with some GMF domain-specific model stuff.

DSC00018.jpg Carlos sums up the mood of the evening.