Eclipse Summit Europe

Barely has my backside hit the office seat when I am off on a plane again, this time to the Eclipse Summit Europe.

Everytime I come to an Eclipse event I find out some new stuff. Here's one example: in STP, we've been doing some work on developer support for JAX-WS, code-first web service development. Here we've put together an annotations view, which allows the developer to edit the parameters of an annotation with support for validation of the annotation content, hints for enums, that type of thing. At the Summit, I attended a presentation by one of the guys from the Dali project</a, which is all about the definition and editing of Object-Relational (O/R) mappings for EJB 3.0 Java Persistence API (JPA) Entities. Of course, JPA uses Java5 annotations to implement its POJO persistence, so it makes sense that Dali have invested time in creating a Java annotation view, similar to what we've done in STP. The next job is to see how well the two approaches can be merged.

I was going to include the STP bugzilla link here, but appears to be suffering some database overload at the moment -- I'll update the posting later.