Eclipse COSMOS

In a previous entry I mentioned SML and the fact that I got a chance to speak with one of the authors at EclipseWorld. During the conversation we were joined by Mark Weitzel and Joel Hawkins and we started talking about something called the COSMOS project - a joint effort between IBM, Cisco, HP, Compuware, IBM, Intel and others. This project was about unifying a lot of the capabilities of SOA Systems Management and agreeing on resource modeling approaches using the aforementioned SML. Just today, I read an entry on Chris Aniszczyk’s blog stating that COSMOS had been proposed as an Eclipse project. This looks like a good idea to me, and from the point of view of the SOA Tools Platform Project it could make it more straightforward for us to incorporate management of SOA resources. By the way, Mark and Joel put together a really interesting talk and demo at EclipseWorld in which they managed to mashup SCA, Tuscany, OSGi, and TPTP. I was totally impressed!