SOA Tools Press Cuttings

I got the chance to talk to a number of interested tech journalists and analysts during EclipseWorld and sure enough, the STP got some nice mentions in the tech press:

It’s great to get this kind of coverage at this stage. Hopefully it will generate more interest for those developers who might want to use the SOA Tools Platform in the future. By the way, if you are one of those developers, we would really like to hear from you: if you check out our Call for SOA Scenarios page you will see some of the feedback we have received on typical SOA development scenarios. You can edit this page once you create a wiki account and add those items that are important to your SOA development requirements. Update:
A clarification - the SOA Tools Platform has not limited itself to Web Services only, but intends to include the tooling elements to support construction of other mechanisms of service creation - for example, a CORBA interface and its servant implementation. If you look into the SCA Assembly specification, you’ll see that the assembly description has extension points for implementation/interface/bindings, so the space is there to be innovative about service creation. As we grow the STP, you’ll see approaches for deploying Services that aren’t related to WSDL or WS-* standards.